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Saorview installations

We offer professional, neat and affordable installations of the standard and recordable Saorview and Free to air combi boxes that provide about 160 bill free Irish and British channels including main channels in High-Definition. This system requires installation of the satellite dish and aerial in order to get channels and those get installed by our engineers as a part of the job in the neatest possible way. As a part of the job we also run tv cable from the dish and aerial to the back of the set top box and tune all channels in. We test connection and explain our clients how to use the system. We use Z-Gemma set top box with internal 500GB hard drive , one Saorview and two satellite tuners that allow watching one show while recording another at the same time. We install Saorview systems in homes and commercial premises in Dublin and surrounding areas. Our Saorview installations come with 1 year warranty but this system usually work flawlessly for long time.

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Looking for quality service? Choose Us!

We are proud member of the National Guild of the Master Craftsmen

We aim to  provide quick and professional service for all our clients. From the smallest and easiest job to the most complicated, we make sure that we’re not finished until the satisfaction of our customers is met. We do our best to finish each project in a timely-manner and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed industry expectations.

We provide polite and professional service 

Our highly skilled engineers provide professional and polite service delivered at all stages of contact with our clients

Our technicians have knowledge and vast experience

Our installers have  exceptional knowledge about Saorview installations and repairs and they are passionate about work  they do

We deliver high quality work at reasonable cost

Our engineers install  Saorview boxes and aerials  in the neatest possible way at  reasonable cost

We offer the same day service and online booking 

You can order our services straight from our website. All our installations  come with 1 year warranty

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  • RTE 1

  • RTE 2

  • Virgin Media 1

  • Virgin Media 2

  • Virgin Media 3

  • Virgin Media 4

  • Tg 4

  • RTE 2+1

  • RTE 1+1

  • Sky News

  • RTE Junior

  • Sky News

  • Tithe an Oireachtais



  • ITV +1

  • ITV HD  / UTV HD

  • ITV2

  • ITV2 +1

  • ITV3

  • ITV3 +1

  • ITV4

  • ITV4 +1

  • ITVBe

  • ITVBe +1

  • More4

  • More4 +1

  • Property Show

  • SportyStuffTV


  • Showcase

  • Showcase +1

  • Travel Channel

  • Travel Channel +1

  • True Crime

  • True Entertainment

  • True Entertainment +1

  • TruTV

  • TruTV +1

  • Vox Africa

  • My Channel

  • Pick

  • Pick +1

  • Propeller TV

  • Freesport HD


  • Film4

  • Film4 +1

  • Horror Channel

  • Horror Channel +1

  • Sony Movies

  • Sony Entertainment

  • Movies4Men

  • Movies4Men +1

  • Nollywood Movies

  • ROK TV

  • Talking Pictures TV

  • True Movies

  • True Movies +1


  • BBC One

  • BBC One HD

  • BBC Two

  • BBC Two HD

  • BBC Four

  • BBC Four HD

  • BBC Alba

  • Channel 4 +1

  • Channel 4 HD

  • Channel 5

  • Channel 5 +1

  • Yanga

  • Blaze

  • Community Channel

  • W

  • W+1

  • 5USA +1

  • 4Seven


  • Times Now

  • TRT World HD

  • TVC News

  • Arirang TV HD

  • BBC News HD

  • BBC Parliament

  • GB News

  • Bloomberg HD

  • CNBC Europe

  • CNC World

  • CNN International HD

  • Euronews

  • France 24

  • CGTN

  • NDTV 24×7

  • NHK World HD

  • RT HD

  • My5

  • Great Tv


  • 4Music

  • The Box

  • Classic hits

  • Clubland Tv

  • Kerrang

  • Kiss

  • Magic

  • Now 70s

  • Now 80s

  • Now 90s

  • Spothligght Tv

  • Trace Vault

  • Trace Hits

  • Travel Xp

  • 5Action

  • 5Select

  • 5Spike

  • HGTV

  • Yesterday


  • Blaze

  • Community Channel

  • PBS

  • Quest

  • Quest +1

  • Quest Red

  • Quest Red +1

  • Really

  • PBS America

  • Together tv

  • Forces Tv 

  • Court Tv 

  • Smithsonian Channel

  • Reality Extra

  • 5Spike +1

  • 5Star

  • 5Star +1

  • 5USA

  • SC4HD

  • Great! Tv

Saorview repairs

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Our skilled and experienced technicians repair Saorview , satellite and aerial related problems for both residential and commercial clients from Dublin City and surrounding areas. Our usual service covers satellite dish realignment, aerial realignment, creating new connectors and Sky or Saorview channels tunning and we charge €75 for that kind of work. We can also replace faulty tv cable and we usually charge from € 90 for doing that kind of  work. If satellite dish or aerial are damaged, rusted or in bad condition we can replace those too. The cost of the satellite dish replacement is €120 so is the cost of replacing Saorview aerial. We can also replace Saorview box. We charge €150 for replacing standard Saorview box with new one of the same specification.  Commercial repairs we price separately depedending od its specification and all our work comes with 1 year warranty. All our prices are vat included and our technicians inform clients about the cost of the service before commencing the work.


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  • This service includes all necessary work to restore Saorview and Uk fr...

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    1 hr 30 min

    From € 75 vat inc
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