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Satellite dish and aerial installations and repairs

We offer professional neat and affordable satellite dish and aerial installations and repairs for both residential and commercial clients from Dublin City and surrounding Counties. Our skilled and expierienced technicians install and repair Sky , freesat and foreign satellite dishes. We replace and remove faulty or damaged satellite dishes and aerials. We also relocate dishes outblocked by threes or taller buildings. We de-install and re-install satellite dishes in externally insulated homes. In coastal areas we install solid rust-proof satellite dishes that last longer than standard sky dishes. We install tv systems in the neatest possible way and hide tv cables as much as we can from the view.

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Looking for quality service? Choose Us!

We aim to  provide quick and professional service for all our clients. From the smallest and easiest job to the most complicated, we make sure that we’re not finished until the satisfaction of our customers is met. We do our best to finish each project in a timely-manner and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed industry expectations.

We provide polite and professional service at all stages of contact with our clients

Our technicians have vast knowledge about different tv systems

We install satellite dishes and aerials  in the neatest possible way

We offer the same day installations and repairs. We also offer easy to use online booking  

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Our services

Sky satellite dish installation, replacement, service, relocation,  removal. Satellite dish installation on the pole. Satellite dish installation on the flat roof. Communal and commercial satellite dish installation. Sky cable run, service, replacement

Saorview aerial installation, replacement, service, relocation,  removal. Tall aerial removal from the roof. Satellite dish and aerial installation. Communal and commercial Saorview aerial installation. Saorview cable run, service and replacement

Solid satellite dish

We offer solid non-rust satellite dish ,stronger than traditional satellite dish,installation for clients living in coastal areas or places where satellite signal is partly obstructed by trees or buildings.

Installations and repairs of foreign satellite dishes. Installations and repairs of British Freesat and Free to air, Polish tv systems, Italian tv systems, German tv sysytems, Spanish tv systems, Hungarian tv systems, Portuguese tv systems

Order now

  • Get Sky or free to air satellite dish installed and satellite channels...

    1 hr 30 min

    From € 130 vat inc
  • Get tv aerial installed and Saorview channels tuned in.

    1 hr 30 min

    From € 130 vat inc
  • This service includes all necessary work to restore Saorview and Uk fr...

    1 hr 30 min

    From € 75 vat inc
  • This service includes all necessary actions to restore Sky +HD, Sky Q ...

    1 hr 30 min

    From € 75 vat inc
  • Get your satellite dish and cables removed and disposed

    1 hr 30 min

    From € 75 vat inc
  • Get damaged or not needed tv aerial removed and disposed of.

    1 hr 30 min

    From € 95 vat inc
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